Purple Light Nights®
Shine a light & save a life!
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Remember the victims who lost their lives from domestic violence

Support those who survived domestic violence

Hope for those still living with abuse

Purple Light Nights® is the inspiration of the Covington Domestic Violence Task Force, King County Washington .

Domestic Violence Has NO Place In Our Community”.  

The outcome of Purple Light Nights® is to increase the awareness of domestic violence issues and it’s affect upon children and families and provide education on building healthy relationships. 

Join neighborhoods and cities around the world each year during October’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month and participate in Purple Light Nights®.  Click on “Get Involved” for usable templates and instructions on how to start a campaign in your community. 

The Purple Light Nights" Campaign is a terrific way to bring attention to the devastating impact that domestic violence has on families and children. I want to encourage every citizen of our state to take a few minutes this October to affix a purple light to their home or workplace – to shine more light on the need to stop domestic violence.” former Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna

From my own personal life experience and my experience as a law enforcement officer, I know the far-reaching effects of domestic violence on a family and in a community. Domestic violence is a problem that must continually be addressed and one of the key ways to reduce its impact is for members of the community to take action. I hope everyone takes time to participate in “Purple Light Nights” by hanging a purple light, promoting the campaign with a sign, or simply getting involved. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of so many.”  former Congressman Dave Reichert

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